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In the absence of a viable crossing route, RTE and REE launch new studies to bypass the Capbreton Canyon

As part of the studies prior to the construction of the new interconnection between France and Spain via the Biscay Gulf, RTE and REE carried out geological studies of the seabed. They revealed ground instability along the edge of the Capbreton Canyon. Additional analyses conducted since June have not identified a route under the canyon that is guaranteed to be stable for the life of the power line.
RTE and REE are therefore forced to abandon this solution and define a new route around the canyon.

All alternative solutions will therefore be assessed. These new studies should be completed by mid-2020. In particular, an offshore survey campaign will be carried out in the spring.

The options will then be proposed to the consultation, in accordance with the commitments to carry out this project in dialogue with the stakeholders in the territory, in order to select the solution with the lowest impact.
Apart from this short portion, the rest of the line's route is unchanged.

RTE and REE remain fully committed to double the electricity exchange capacity between France and Spain as soon as possible to 5 gigawatts, enough to supply around 5 million households, thanks to this project.

This interconnection will strengthen the security of electricity supply in France and Spain, promote the integration of renewable energies in both countries and offer consumers the opportunity to have access, at any time, to the most competitive and CO2-efficient means of production in Europe.





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