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RTE and REE perform additional analysis to secure the Biscay Gulf project

As part of the studies prior to the construction of the new interconnection between France and Spain via the Biscay Gulf, RTE and REE carried out extensive geological studies of the seabed. The latest studies, at the beginning of May, revealed soil instability very close to the Capbreton canyon, in French waters.

A recent underwater landslide was detected, in an area that was considered stable with the previous 20 year scientific records.

Due to this unexpected finding, RTE and REE will carry out additional analysis on the various possible routes around the canyon in order to determine the most appropriate technical solution. On the other hand, it is confirmed that this situation will not question the financial viability of the project.

The launch of calls for tenders for the Engineering Procurement Construction and Installation contracts for the link, initially scheduled for the end of May 2019, as well as the submission of applications for administrative authorizations in both countries, initially scheduled for the beginning of June 2019, will be carried out once the results of these additional analysis are available.

RTE and REE remain fully committed to double the electricity exchange capacity between France and Spain as soon as possible, to reach 5 GW - enough to supply around 5 million households.

This interconnection will strengthen the security of electricity supply in France and Spain, promote the integration of renewable energies in both countries and offer consumers the opportunity to have access, at any time, to the most competitive and CO2-efficient generation on the European hub.





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