Interconnection across the Biscay Gulf

A dual submarine connection

400 km

in length, running between the Cubnezais substation (near Bordeaux, France) and the Gatika substation (near Bilbao, Spain).

5,000 MW

Increase exchange capacity up to 5,000 MW

Baixas-Santa Llogaia Interconnection

Technology and innovation for a globally unique project

250 km
of cable

Installed in the 64.5 Km underground connection between Baixas-Santa Llogaia

2,800 MW

Interchange capacity doubled from 1,400 to 2,800 MW


INELFE (Interconexión Eléctrica Francia-España or Electricity Interconnection France-Spain) is the company responsible for building and activating - in October 2015 - the Baixas-Santa Llogaia electricity interconnection to increase the interchange capacity between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe. The company was set up following the Zaragoza Agreement, which was signed on 27 June 2008 between the governments of Spain and France to build this electricity interconnection. The resulting infrastructure has enabled the interconnection capacity between France and Spain to be doubled from 1,400 MW before its construction to 2,800 MW.

A pioneering project

A European project of exceptional technological characteristics.

Respect for the environment

The project included preventive and corrective measures aimed at minimising its impact on the natural and social environment within the area of influence.

Commitment to local employment

INELFE prioritised the use of local companies for the ancillary works associated with the project.


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